ALL social care programs are funded by monies from the working populace; and merely managed by admins. Money does not sprout from trees.

In a place where everything is sold for a song and many seem to be zombies without a soul, we are to be steadfast, alert and mobile.

I have my suspicion when a bunch of people call themselves “Friends of so-and-so” and then act 100% against the interests of “so-and-so”.

When we face a crippling problem, we find a solution, swiftly and wisely. We don’t just “monitor” it. The problem won’t go away by itself.

Just interviewed 5-time Olympian Jorge Bonnet (Judo and bobsled). Fantastic and engaging gentleman and athlete. Working on the video now.

Pentax K-3, perhaps one of the fiercest competitors in cameras today, weather sealed, dual SD, in-body IS, APC-C, and… selectable AA filter.

Laws and morality share many boundaries and terrains, but yet there are places where they confront and clash. One does not equals the other.

I believe a physician is to heal, and to heal a person holistically, from the body to the mind and to the soul. A physician must not harm.

Homelessness is not a crime. It is a reflection of the society that did not take care of its own well enough (Article 25, UDHR, 10 Dec 48).

When someone insists on others being “politically correct”, you can be sure they have just another form of prejudice in them. Glass houses.


Social media is not unidirectional advertising: How many business social media pages are truly relational and …

#gmo food? Fascinating read about Dr Vrain.

李鴻忠湖北省委書記說的溫馨,“自家兄弟凡事好商量。” (from CTI TV)


Wise leaders nurture and liberalize the expression of ideas, not curtail or sabotage them, and merely lend help when needed.

Fascinating opinion piece by Jo Robinson on missing phytonutrients on modern fruits and vegetables.

Social media is not unidirectional advertising. It is bilateral communication, which means there is good and there is bad. You don’t own it.

What an ideology truly stands for and propagates, is found in its orthodox writings, and not merely what is artfully and placatingly said.

6 tips for young job seekers: I have been there once, in the 1980s, facing the worst economic recession, with …

Get coding, before obsolescence bites you: The break-neck speed of acquisitions today rival the heydays of the…

If you have no skills or experience, you start at the base, that means remuneration too. You can’t have the cake and eat it.

So what would the new #Leica Mini M be? APS-C Fuji X-series competitor, or Full Frame (FF) RX1 competitor? I am guessing Fuji X competitor.

Charge a smartphone in 30 seconds?

Respect of authors and their intellectual property: Imagine the mild surprise when you find not one, but a lon…

In a place of mere transient wealth void of even basic courtesy or respect, there can be no real culture and certainly no renaissance.

Just deleted my tumblr account post-Yahoo. Never did use it anyway.

Retire early? Why not? See how Winston Chen and family did it in a unique way.

#ADHD? Look less at pharmaceuticals, but a holistic approach. See what the French clinicians do.

Wrestling control or staying afar: Is it wise to imagine that we can always wrestle control from others to ser…

Humility against meaningless feuds: People are ruled by emotions, no matter what we imagine. Emotions are fear…

Never be discouraged by naysaying bystanders: Have you ever been told you will amount to nothing? Have you eve…

Who says 3D printers need to create big objects? Small is art. #Formlabs Form 1 –

When a contagious virus attacks a host, it is important to eradicate the virus at all costs, to preserve the sanctity and life of the host.

Very interesting news, bravo Greg Karber #FitchTheHomless.

Raise prices to survive, or get competitive?: Have you been to establishments which raised their prices to nai…

Communicating Product or Service Obsolescence: What happens when you suddenly find a familiar product or servi…

A hollow and insincere apology counts for nothing, and insults even more.

Gadgets Brief – May 2013: We chat about the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema and the Olympus E-P5. Blackmagic Pocket C…


It takes a “rare” beast to bite the kind hands that feed it. Such beasts deserve to feed themselves instead.


Leading or Branding without wing mirrors?: Are you running your marketing, or even your corporation, like a mo…

SCMP: Philippines admits coastguard fired at Taiwanese fishing boat.

I am a fan of Star Trek, and this fun ad with Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto and the #Audi S7 is wonderfully done.

Starhub cable upload speeds are so pathetic at my end. Speedtest: 10ms ping, 13.13Mbps download, and a miserable 1.09Mbps upload speed.

Survival lessons from Uniqlo’s Yanai: Survival of the fittest is no cliché, but rules the light-speed world we…

Curiosity is an enigma that leads us on a journey without end, but a blessed meandering that empowers us to great adventures – #seamusphan.

“Get smaller before you get bigger” – advice from Sir Richard Branson on the best way to grow a fledgling company.

#Zeiss is launching X-mount and E-mount lenses with full compatibility! The Touit 1.8/32 for #Fujifilm X looks fab!

When you labor hard, you can at least hope to deserve returns. When you don’t labor at all, then it is impossible to expect anything.

Fascinating experimental work by Scott Adams (#Dilbert comics author) “God’s Debris” –

Wealth and success is often not what we think: What drives you? Ambition? Wealth? Power? Or something much dee…

The last #Hasselblad 503CW rolled off the production line. Now it will be just H and Lunar models off the line.

Coffee and the art of staying happy: Jerry Seinfeld was featured in NPR for his new found love of coffee, desp…


Tradition and our humanity: Tradition is a good thing, even as we migrate forward in time and technology. Trad…

No “spring” should be built on the tenets of pain and suffering, for true #spring is the blossoming of beauty, love, joy, and #peace.

2 Japanese concepts – “wabi-sabi” and “mono-no-aware”, of beauty in things that are transient. Awe-inspring art –

#Fedex supposed to send my stuff on April 18 morning. It is now almost April 26, NOTHING! And tracking website is NOT working either.

There are those whose intention is to force us into paranoia and paralysis. Do not be deceived. Be brave.

In Singapore? Like Iron Man 3 and Avengers? Have an iPhone or Samsung? Visit

Read this great comment “A knight in shiny armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested”.

Innovation through the abyss of challenges: Creative innovation can be abundant in the world today, and I cert…

In life and work, wait your turn and earn it: At work and in life, all too often we hear some people who deman…


Finally, RAW compatibility between my Mac and my Fuji X-E 1 and X100S .RAF RAW files!

Battle of Thermopylae and 7 productivity tips: Remember King Leonidas and his 300 brave Spartans? We too, hope…

What NOT to expect with a PR agency: Some companies hop from one PR agency to another PR agency, blaming one a…

Mere administration is not talent. To me, talent is art, music, poetry, writing, dance, and theater. Genius? Even harder yet.

Gadgets Brief – April 2013: We chat about the CAT B15 Smartphone and the Bonzart Ampel Digital TLR. CAT® B15 S…

Beyond classroom learning at the workplace: Corporate universities are still big business, and knowledge manag…

“There are only 2 ways to live your life: (1) Nothing is a miracle, or (2) Everything is a miracle” – Dr. Albert Einstein.

Karate etiquette for business and careers: When was the last time you heard a sincere thank you, or as we Asia…

History is often crafted by the victorious, and as a courtesy to the dead.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, the little US$1000 disruptive wonder. Not perfect, but sure would inspire its competitors to work harder!

Miss the film look? Try filmconvert: I shot 35mm stills in my teens in the 1970s, and medium-format stills in …

Marketing and seeing from a wide aperture: Clarity is not about everything in focus at the same time. It is ab…

“I am still learning” – said Michelangelo, aged 87. There is no life without learning, no success without learning.

AU company Blackmagic Design, the guys who brought us the 2.5k cam for US$3k, may be launching a revolutionary NLE via its DaVinci Resolve.

J.B. Camera Designs and great service: One of the hallmarks of great customer service is down to a simple, fun…

“Patience is continuous good humor” – St Nikon of Optina, one of the 19th century Optina Elders in Russia.

Just updated my Lumix GH3 to firmware v1.1. Yet more improvements, including new 28Mbps MP4 mode, AF-C improvement for my 14-42 lens. Great!

Differentiate between true leaders who build, sustain and grow things from ground zero, versus managers who are mere custodians and admins.

Team Hoyt (Dick and Rick), I salute both of you! Faith and grit.

中天電視節目上,被訪的務農說:「老天爺會考驗我們,但不會斷了我們的生路。」 真有智慧。

Zalora TW in the news.獨家-德網購zalora傳倒閉-廠商斷貨自保-105534149.html and

Branding and marketing and baking a good cake: Is strategic and tactical myopia crippling your brand and erodi…

Devotec Fuel Micro Charger for the mobile phone, possibly the smallest in the world. Looks like a hit.

My top 10 apps for PR and Communication: Everyone loves lists, and having seen some lists of recommended mobil…

Gotta say, I love Igor’s “review” of the Edelkrone SliderPlus – creative even if extremely offbeat (shall we say) –

Serious partnerships get serious results: Having been on both sides of the equation – agency and client, I kno…

DMCA stands for the “Digital Milennium COPYRIGHT Act”, not the “trademark” Act.

Speaking very loudly does not mean you are right. It just means you are… loud. Conversely, speaking gently does not mean you are wrong.

A martial artist and a leader: Some people look at martial arts and imagine it to be all action and strength. …

SEO does not replace quality or branding: Some clients may imagine that SEO is the panacea to all problems and…

Quick Comparison of OM-D and X100S cameras: Here’s a quick comparison of the unedited images from the Olympus …

“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those that speak it” – George Orwell, author of “1984″ and “Animal Farm”.

Size of a company is no proof of the capability to pay. Service delivery has to be equitably paid in full and on time.


Japanese work ethic: “If one can do it, I can do it. If no one can do it, I must do it.”

Tips for simple cuts-only video editing: If you have video footage for simple editorial and VNR use, you may n…

Graphene’s new use – desalination with great energy efficiency. Great job Lockheed Martin!

I still don’t see how the new America Invents Act will penalize patent trolls which is much needed.

Communicate like a well-mannered poet: The brevity of the “texting” phenomenon has summarily killed much of th…

Linksys bounced from Cisco into Belkin’s lap. Ahem… never mind.

Simple and effective communication for tech products: Have you noticed how complex and unnecessarily shrouded …

Migrated our video hosting platform from Vimeo Biz to Viddler ( Not bad.

Who says tiny apartments can’t be comfy, elegant and beautiful? See Graham Hill’s NYC apartment –

Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen – no prices, you pay what you want as donation or volunteering, healthy meals. Good man!

值得一看的臺灣清新電影 - 【南方小羊牧場】。故事鮮明,拍攝獨特,很有漫畫感。

2Mbps is a lot slower than even cellular data speeds sometimes, and certainly way too slow for modern apps.

Conquer our limitations and thrive: What do successful athletes like professional golfer Stacy Lewis, Olympic …

Niceties of language and communication: How often have you seen language akin to “gimme dat” or “i wan tis” in…

Great new Japanese technology to reduce password snooping by bystanders, using dummy cursors. Very fascinating!

Obsolete matchsticks and context: Remember Hans Christian Andersen’s short story “The little girl with the mat…

Great leaders are humane and respectful towards people, and are humble and courageous enough to cede his place to others at the right time.

Yet another hack, this time on Evernote.


Read somewhere a new phrase: “struggling with accuracy”. English is so esoteric these days. I think there is a simple word to replace that.

Taiwanese director Ang Lee, bravo, and salute, to your wins at the Oscars! We are proud of you!

Like outdoors and adventure? Kyocera has a nice ad featuring Bear Grylls with the Kyocera Torque LTE smartphone.

Gadgets Brief – February 2013: We chat about the Vertu Ti, HTC One, and the Blackberry Z10. Vertu Ti Vertu is …

3 tips to avoid failing spectacularly in marketing events: What happens when a bunch of people run amok doing …

Conforming WordPress sites to display non-Latin characters: The world does not live off English alone. The res…

Tip on getting the Chinese input back on the Mac: If you experienced the inability to input Chinese characters…

3 great friends and the value of customer service: How often have we heard horror stories of lousy service pro…

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.” – George Orwell.

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Open source apps for businesses, you and I: Licenses tied to a single PC? Switching operating systems? Looking f…

Business sustainability lessons from Taiwan: All too often, we hear CEOs of companies boasting what they are pla…

Did Microsoft just made things worse for it with its new Office 2013 retail licensing tied to ONE specific PC?

Esprit Optical Eyewear for Singapore. #fashion

Elle Optical Eyewear collection for Singapore. #fashion

Edelkrone Pocket Rig is great for videography on the go, collapsible to about the size of a battery pack. #videography

Quick look at the Picosteady video stabilization tool for smartphones and small video cameras and DSLRs. #videography

Bold product design from Victronix, the Swiss Unlimited eau de toilette. #design

One of the best lenses I have used on my OM-D EM-5, Voigtlander 25m f/0.95. See how it is made.!

Our new Dot Zen 2.0 book: I was writing and exploring various management areas that are relevant to an owner–man…

“滿身傷 是光榮的勳章” 臺灣小朋友,加油,飛吧,祝福你們!”

“臺灣,有你們真好!” 獻給全部真心奉獻的人,和有夢有正面能量的小朋友,衷心感動,致謝。”

Resolve a customer service issue directly with the server who served you, and not abuse just anyone on a company’s social media channel.


Never fear those who merely bicker without laboring with their hands, for we are measured by the blisters and rough skin on our hands.

If someone is hell bent on destroying something you are positively building, keep going. It simply means what you are building is important.

Grooming authentic salespeople: Good salespeople are not about aggression and ruthlessness. Truly great salespeo…

Optimizing paid, earned and owned media: As strategists and executives continue to hone their media usage from a…

Toxic employees under the microscope: While businesses and owner-managers are fighting tooth and nail in an incr…

Great test of the DMW-MS2 stereo shotgun mic of the Panasonic Lumix GH3 by Nick Driftwood – in a short film format!

Initial thoughts of GH3? Great handling, ease of use, .MOV format straight to editing, great output. Looks like a winner! More soon…

Success comes through the long-form: How many times have we seen success? How does it look like? Is it something…


The Panasonic Lumix GH3 stock has arrived! Gotta get one and review it soon. Stay tuned!

Came across an old article by Joseph Chamie, on a term “Ponzi Demography”. Interesting, thought-provoking read.

Sorted out the new DotZen 2.0 book chapters and chapter graphics. The book is coming along nicely!


Smartphone video journalism for everyone: Someone once said the best camera is the one with you. I agree. There …


Only the fearless with a big heart will achieve great things (inspired by Sir Stirling Moss, British racing legend).

An inspiring BBC episode, when one knight meets another. Sir Patrick Stewart meets racing legend Sir Stirling Moss.

Wow “peacemaker” that was a real “class act” you pulled. The business world is smaller than you naively imagined. Have a nice day!


The world’s “poorest” president, to me, is the richest man in the world. May God bless him always.

Gadgets Brief – January 2013: We chat about the Fujifilm X100S and the X20. Fujifilm X100S The Fuji X100S is the…

A true artist is not constrained by the medium. He can transcend any medium, whether in words, in paint, in film, or in audio.

Some young adults lie blatantly as if we don’t already know. The older folks like us are just kind enough not to burst their lie bubbles.

Pottery and the skilled hand – Communication and practice: If you have an important task, such as needing a spok…

Public Relations trends and beyond: Public Relations (PR) has gone through evolutionary and even revolutionary c…

Very cool A capella cover of Coldplay’s Paradise by Mike Tompkins –


Between the Fuji X100s and the Sony RX1, for many reasons, I am going for the Fuji X100s.

Do not allow oneself from accepting the delusional signs of the calm before the storm.

Your brand is all about consumer confidence: Your brand’s reputation is not about the bells and whistles of your…

One of the most important things to do first for a business, is to get an associated domain registered, with email and web hosting.

I like the way the Taiwanese media celebrate those who put tenacious and genuine effort into their work, and not just wealth by any means.

Submission is never be mistaken for respect. Respect flows naturally to those who bleeds compassion and love for others.

Publish or perish – the new world of careers and business: What kind of public presence does a person have, may …

Creativity and innovation – may the child lead us: What do the greatest minds such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Dr Albe…

See that young man helping someone? Recruit him!: What is the single most important attribute I would look for i…

A hurray for the independents! May printed books prevail against the behemoths.


Those who are bent on destroying life will do it anyway; those who value life will preserve life by all humane means.

Gadgets Brief – December 2012: We chat about the Dragonfly DAC, Drift HD Ghost camera, and the Belair X 6-12 Cit…

Just because something is new does not mean it is better. Just because something is old does not mean it is dated – it may well be timeless.

Met a Doppelganger? We may not be unique.: Have you met someone who looks just like you? Just like our ideas are…

Chinese painting and what it means to marketing: I have been a trained Chinese painter since my teenage years, a…

Analytics? Useful, but don’t go overboard: Every marketer or client seem to dive into analytics these days. But …

Keeping pace with the changing tech media scene: With a nostalgic tinge of sadness, I have watched the tech medi…

Call me quirky, but I love the Fagor Spoutnik, a spherical microwave oven with different colors. Really cool!

3 ways to owning content like the big shops: Every now and then, there are news about competing offerings from t…

Are you a maybe, or a has been?: Some individuals or institutions may sing praises about past glories and track …

Gadgets Brief – November 2012: We chat about the Swivl, Teradek Cube, and the Olympus 15mm F8 BCL for MFT. Swivl…

When one is in Rome, do as the Romans do, and accept Roman law. If not, pack up and go home. No one in Rome will miss you.

If one is fussy about everything but is unwilling to be giving as much, there will always be disappointment. Give more, demand less.

How great is your marketing program? Think fried rice.: The common Yangzhou fried rice is a staple in many Chine…

Not everyone appreciate 100+ decibel “music” blasting downstairs in the vicinity. Save ears. Be considerate. People need rest on weekends.

It is very dangerous to have arrogance when one is young, because there is not much experience and expertise to back it up. Be humble.

If you are as nostalgic or as old as me, you might have used a 35mm slide projector. Here’s Projecteo, the tiny homage.

The sales and service blackhole: The best customer service is often found when you are not a big customer, when …

How hands-on are your communication consultants?: Even large communication firms are streamlining their operatio…

This is the kind of talent I would love to have for short films! Assassin’s Creed meets Parkour in real life.

Pres Obama wins, and the US dollar drops against the Euro.

Wisdom of parting ways with customers: When thinking of business and revenue growth, sometimes we may lose sight…

Advent of “brand journalism”: The media landscape is blurring, with blogging, social media, and now, “brand jour…

Courage is sometimes having to say no. I salute you, Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov, memory eternal!

Now THIS is how an airline safety video should be done – the Air NZ video! Forget the other boring ones.

Mr George Lucas pledges to donate the majority of the sale price of his company toward educational philanthropy.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain.

“Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.” – Mark Twain. PS – You get the general idea.

Marketing lessons from a Korean hit song: Korean Rap singer Psy has hit all the airwaves and stations with his r…

Lucasfilm soon to be swallowed by Disney. Would the spirit of Star Wars continue? Or just more Disney manga?

Our next book on marketing, publicity, social media, mobile apps, and human resource development, is brewing now. Serving it up mist likely…

One has value when he puts thoughts and aspirations to positive action. Otherwise, mere potential and idealism mean nothing to the world.

Balance is within you. If you seek ambition, the family falls behind. If you seek your family first, ambition has to lag behind.

Apprenticeship and the mastery of life: All too often, some of us who are leaders, face young people with haught…

Remember George Orwell’s 1984. The oligarchy is pervasively represented, certainly not just in this novel. Benign? Keep watching.

I salute you, Seediq. It takes self-sacrifice to be Seediq Bale. Watch the movie, a true moving epic and a reminder of our history.

Fans? SEO? Focus on great content first: Companies struggling with social media and websites may have been zoomi…

Epic customer service failures and recovery: What happens when a service establishment fails miserably at custom…

You use Banana Boat Sun Care Products? May want to read this press release by maker Energizer Holdings Inc.

Gadgets Brief – October 2012: We chat about the Nokia Lumia 920, Sony CyberShot RX1, and the GoPro HERO3 Black E…

Newsweek will be no more – the print version that is, come 2013. It will go all digital by then. Sign of the times.

Now there is a way to edit photo imperfections for 4K video! Via Foton Inc. Amazing stuff!

Since we can’t really gauge competencies of candidates by their CVs or even interviews, test them against their claims, if they’re up to it.

It appears those who crave power, having gotten it by whatever means, tend to struggle a great deal to let it go humbly and willingly.

Love cycling? Here’s an environmentally friendly bicycle made with cardboard, for just US$20.

My experience with the Olympus OM-D EM5: I do like the OM-D on many counts, and yet there are quirks which reall…

Stalking your consumers in a shop – don’t: Have you been to a shop where the retail assistants would tail you ar…

Compassion is an instinct, a measure of humanity, and it defines just who we are as human beings, in relation to others.

Apple Safari fails with secure payment for one of my ISPs. I use Camino and it works perfectly. Fail.

Sony RX1 has external mic out, that makes it already a winner for those who want a still cam that does video with better sound inputs, imho.

Happy National Day, Taiwan, and a most blessed day to my beloved families and friends there!

Must say that I love reading the articles by Steve Huff and Philip Bloom, lots of expert insights to learn from. Vielen Dank!

Dreaming up unworkable hypotheses may be fun for some, but these ideas will never work for us, real business owners who fight in the field.

Organic reach and media ownership: Recently, there is a lot of talk about organic reach and the ever-changing ga…

Thoughts about family-friendly work: There has been some discussion on family-friendly work environments, urging…

Overheard: “How do you know if a politician is lying? Answer? His/her lips are moving.”

It used to be a problem when people asked you, “why is your video camera so small?” Now it is the reverse. Think Red and Blackmagic Cinema.

Evacuating Funan. Civil Defence folks are here. Very smoky and burnt smell in the mall.

When I come to Funan Mall the toilets above 2nd floor are often smelling of cigarette smoke. NEA needs to step up enforcement.

Having explored quite a bit of options (affordable or otherwise), frankly, Apple’s FCPX isn’t bad at all, including its color options.

2D printing is so passé. Try the Form 1 hi-res desktop 3D printer from Formlabs.

Do you bring your own sandwich to the office? Afraid of colleagues eating your lunch?

Apple Safari 6.x seems broken. YouTube videos have no sound. Camino and Chromium browsers have no problems.

Liri joined her husband Augusto Farfus around a lap of the Nordschleife. So cute a couple.

May be a typo. It may read “not my problem” rather than “not a problem”.

Quality content for Web, social and mobile: Despite what you may have heard, good Web and social media presence …

iCloud fails big time when updated on 10.7.5 and caused Mail and SysPref crashes. Disabled it. Increasingly attractive to move to Linux.

It seems time for some people to start improving and fixing internal problems, then looking at the wide world with wondrous anxiety.

Whew, good that I have a keen and highly sensitive sense of smell.

Super long queue at a Mac retailer in Funan presumably for the iPhone5. It is just a phone.

Gadgets Brief – September 2012: We chat about the Lanparte Follow Focus AB Stop, the HTC Windows Phone 8X, and t…

I was disappointed at what iPhone 5 offers (or not), but today’s news of the HTC Windows Phone 8X sure inspires me a lot more.

The camera does not make the photographer: I read a great article on whether one really needs a DSLR, which reso…

The camera does not make the photographer: I read a great article on whether one really needs a DSLR, which reso…

Reminder: Discard unsolicited emails with attachments: We are already flooded with spam emails, and certainly do…

If your ad agency doesn’t know the difference between CMYK and RGB, or how to optimize images for Web and social media, get a new agency.

Some marketers with no PR background imagine PR to be a sales tactic to push sales numbers. Please read up. PR is about communication.

Disappointed at the new iOS launch. Was not thrilled like some years ago with some of Apple’s launches – and I am a Mac user since 1987.

Would I pay US$2,800 for the rumored Sony fixed lens RX1? Probably not for me.

Tenure and youth – there is no shortcut: I am a fan of the Mad Men series. I was watching an episode when lead c…

Ad-free social network with an open API? Try Increasingly, users and developers become frus…

I think the door folks doing the counting must have rapid spasms in their fingers. The numbers don’t add up it seems.

Mr Michael Clarke Duncan, memory eternal, may God grant you rest and peace.

Huge web graphics? It’s the Web, not print!: Yes, bandwidth has skyrocketed in availability and become reasonabl…

Pressure or partnership with your suppliers?: All too often, we hear of companies pressuring their suppliers and…

When you stick your head in the cloud, it is hard to sense anything tangibly (metaphorically as well as computing-related).

The only thing I believe about politicians is that they are ambitious.

Merely having the techniques of speaking without life experience, knowledge and wisdom, means nothing more than a loudspeaker without music.

You want front or full page coverage in dailies? Do you have something truly earthshaking to say? Otherwise, be patient building your brand.

“The two most important days in your life are: The day you are born; and the day you find out why” – Mark Twain.

Samsung, looks like you have some leeway.

Customer service and social media – Think back-end first: Some recent marketers were commenting that social medi…

Videos the way forward in user engagement: I have been in public relations since the early 1990s, and the indust…

Hi friends, may I ask if there is anywhere in Singapore one can learn basic opera singing (at least like Paul Potts)? Thanks in advance.

Memory eternal, astronaut Neil Armstrong, may you be blessed with rest and peace.

Fuji’s X-E1 looks set to be a more pervasive model than the X-Pro1, and definitely better than my X100 and X10.

Invited to submit an academic paper for a US federal research conference in DC in 2013, on rebuilding low-income families. Very humbled.

Target readers with both long- and short-form content: Content is king, still is. The need for useful informatio…

Past, Present, Future, and Communications: There are 3 kinds of people. Some reminisce about the past. Some drea…

Forbes has an article on a security flaw in millions of keycard locks in hotel rooms, which require hardware fixes.

Didn’t realize about the other Obama – George. Fascinating read.

What are you really offering a corporate sponsor?: Every other day, we get bombarded with a request for sponsors…

Amazing CryENGINE 3 trailer (and I am not even a gamer). I am amazed at the 3D rendering.

You know an ailing company by its executives basking in history and not looking forward and adapting with the times. Sink or swim.

Those who live by the sword die by the sword. Good riddance “SCO”. Linux, march on.

Is fear the reason for social media adoption?: Any adoption of technology or marketing tactics should be founded…

Seriously great Public Relations starts with empathy and social awareness. PR is not a sales tool to exploit for mere marketshare.

Go responsive with your websites: Websites are not going away. They are now the repository and the center of you…

Following sociological conventions, human factors, common sense, and established design cues, does not make one a “copy”.

Brute force hacking? No, be afraid of social engineering: Recently, a slew of security breaches were reported in…

“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both” – President Dwight D Eisenhower, Jan 20, 1953, inaugural address.

Beware of scams involving Internet security – all through social engineering and scare tactics.

The most insidious “hacking” is often as plain as social engineering, not brute force or high-tech wizardry. Scary?

Woz, as I too said on my blog, I concur with your thoughts about the cloud.

It seems many consumers (erroneously) imagine the social media fan page is integrated with the brand’s warehouse or stores. Use your feet.

Short messages that backfire sometimes: Have you been on the receiving end of the ills of short messaging? Can s…

Public Relations is NOT customer service or sales support. There are staff in customer service and sales support to handle end-user queries.

Less static, more moving sights and sounds: Public relations and communication are at the crossroads for many pr…

Gadgets Brief – August 2012: We chat about the Edelkrone Pocket Rig, the Varavon Loupe EX, and the Sennheiser MK…

Marketing is about strategy, not mere tactics: When you think about marketing, what comes to mind? Is it merely …

I love sparkling water, especially if it is icy cold – in our hot weather especially. Try Sodastream and DIY –

PR is hard work, and worth everything: Some people seem to imagine that public relations (PR) is glamorous and e…

It is absurd to see many parents using tablets such as iPads to placate their kids rather than spending real time and effort together. Sad.

When in Rome, behave like Romans. If you are in Asia, try to interact with us with respect and humility. Your way is not THE way.

“Politicians are interested in people. Not that it is always a virtue. Fleas are interested in dogs” ~ P. J. O’Rourke, American writer.

Seems like Fuji X100 is discontinued, and rumors of the X200 is surfacing? Hmmm…

Safari 6 – fail. Camino loads up a graphics-heavy site and Safari 6 couldn’t do it consistently.

OM-D EM5, 14-42mm lens, Varavon Loupe EX, and a tripod, was all I used for natural light product shots. Great fun!

Abrasive energy or benign diplomacy?: If you are looking for a candidate at your department or company, would yo…

Flying the entrepreneurial flag: It is not easy to study in school these days. It is difficult to work in a comp…

Artificial jellyfish made from rat cells? Yes, it has a serious medical application in the future.

Wield not the sword lest you die by the same.

Just saw the edelkrone® Pocket Rig – stunningly small and versatile. Or read it on their site.

Age empowers one to grow – not impede: It is right to respect elders, because they bring wisdom and strength of …

“Dynastic wealth, the enemy of a meritocracy, is on the rise. Equality of opportunity has been on the decline…” – Warren Buffett, Nov 2007.

The awesomely elegant Sparrow email client that trumps many others, has huge potential, and Google saw it and ate it.

Amazing DirectX 11 demo by Hayssam Keilany showing off the real-time 3D rendering capabilities of DirectX 11 hardware.

Like true Greek yogurt and not “formulated” ones? Please do read the list of ingredients on the label first.

Lumix 25mm f1.4 on my OM-D! Trying it out…

Happy and blessed birthday to one brave soul I admire and respect – the Hon Nelson Mandela. Many years!

Don’t list out what you learned, show me: Recently, we received a lot of candidate entries during a recruitment …

May God grant him rest, Dr Stephen R Covey. Memory eternal.

Separating the men from boys, interesting program “Escape to the Legion” with Bear Grylis.

Every man owes it to himself to dig deep and hard for the truth, for truth can set him free. No truth comes without painful hard labors.

Coffee purists check out Coffeebrewer, a single-use disposable French press from Grower’s Cup, a small Danish company.

A nation does not belong to one, or a few, but to all those who toil the land with blood and tears and who would fend off all its enemies.

Gadgets Brief – July 2012: We chat about the Samsung Series 3 Chromebox, Nokia Lumia 900, and the WOWee One Slim…

Public relations is not a sales response mechanism or a last-minute fix to sales targets. It is about managing your brand and reputation.

Retiring products and services sometimes: We live in a world running at a break-neck speed today. Things that wo…

Sending sales pitches to competitors?: Have you received emails wanting to do business with you, unfortunately f…

Mr Ernest Borgnine, one of the old favorites, reposed at 95. Memory eternal!

Good life lessons from 2 cabbies: A cab journey sometimes, create a cozy space between two people to share a con…

Read ifixit’s article on Apple and the EPEAT issue with MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Why marketers need to look past QR Codes soon: QR Codes are everywhere. You find them on billboards, posters, sh…

Just got my Olympus HLD-6 shipped from USA! Very cool grip and with the extra battery, the OM-D is one great tool!

Remember one thing – there is no permanence in market or technological leadership. Every serious contender can get a stab at the top.

When a competitor tries to sledgehammer you out of the market through all means except innovation – you innovate and invent even more.

How did a trojan app get approved on the iOS Store?

Checking your computer for DNS violations: iframe#ITweetLiveChat { border: medium none;bottom: 0;height:400px;po…

The Hon Judge Christopher Floyd in UK has spoken. Read Bloomberg.

Depth Of Field and the Publicity “Home Run”: If you are into photography, you would know what a shallow depth of…

Avid has sold its entire Pinnacle (home video editing) products to Corel. Hmm…

Geolocation wars is now on, with Amazon in the fray? Interesting to watch what would develop, and what it means to developers like us.

If one has not shot in medium-format before, any discussion (or argument) would be merely academic. There is nothing like shooting in MF.

The Roulette of Individual Skills: Often, we imagine that the brand name lends some “aura” of protection against…

The best way to resolve anything with a vendor or provider is with respect. Customers are not always right. Everyone deserves respect.

If you are using a microblog service such as Twitter, it might be wise to archive all your posts with a CMS (e.g. WordPress) too.

Good people need no laws to tell them to act responsibly, while evil people will always find a way around the laws. – Plato.

Expensive products and flawed arguments: Even as business climates are competitive, there is no good and sensibl…

What happens when it is obvious it is abuse of a purchase that caused the product to spoil? No one can indulge that or more will follow.

Now I know why tomatoes today taste so bland compared to some organic ones – blame it on “uniform-ripening mutation”.

No slapstick, gags or rehearsed jokes needed. Life itself has some of the most brutal and yet finest comedies. Live life, embrace life.

A “customer” is demanding for a discount rate that no longer applies. It is like asking the IRS to give you a special tax rate. Duh.

Makes you wonder why Apple approved the Facebook app and rejected many others, if it is a webview in a shell? Comments?

iTunes in Singapore starts showing up music and video items. Sounds good or bad? Now we may have slower bandwidth on the island.

Paradox of the “last mover” advantage: We often hear of “first mover’s advantage” in business and marketing, but…

Looks like the U.S. Army is changing clothes.

Extraordinary inventions often start from a deep place in the heart. You can’t just decide to invent something to make money.

Apparently, washing dishes by hand just won’t cut it, and we ingest the same bacteria again. Dishwashers anyone?

Wanna keep a turn-by-turn upate with photos on your Facebook fan page? Use Twitter.

“Power of we”. I say it is also the power of ubercool.

How life has changed! It used to be such a simple thing to buy or sell something. Today we see a XX-page contract just to buy a software.

Not all software should be sandboxed. To do everything with kiddy shoes and kiddy clothes, is dumbing down a great past. Respect the roots.

Gadgets Brief – June 2012: We chat about the Leica M-Monchrom, the Solidoodle 2, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camer…

Come on Microsoft, pull out all your great talents and launch a good competitor to the iPad, plus a good simple easy SDK on ALL platforms.

Old grandma and disciplined hardwork: I was watching a Taiwanese travel program, and the host chatted with an ol…

The conundrum of “the customer is always right”: Decades ago, when I was entrenched in total quality management …

We are not as objective as we think, nor as smart. Beware of the bias blind spot despite cognitive sophistication.

A customer is never “always right”. The best service comes from the result of bilateral respect between a service provider and a customer.

A top position does not make a leader. One is either a leader who fills the position, or just a charlatan usurping or wasting the position.

Making something custom just for the sake of being different from others, is not innovation. Innovation is leapfrogging the imaginable.

Looking for Appcelerator developers to deliver a generic app template for us that works on Android and iOS.

Any excessive bureaucracy or processes that impede customer and supplier relationships and work progress should be summarily excised.

Nobody likes advertisements, but many may be interested in quality entertainment or edutainment. Think from your customers’ POV.

Too often, technologists and marketers get overly excited about their own creations, without realizing customers may have little interest.

For those of us who grew up with medium format photography, would you consider using modern Lomo 120 film cameras rather than phone cams?

People look for problem-solvers, not people who sit back and ask questions, offering no workable solutions that work in real-world confines.

CEOs becoming programmers in the new world:
I was reading an article about CEOs who see the benefit of unders…

I may be autistic, but I am NOT stupid. You don’t owe that much money and expect me to work for free. I am NOT a bank.

By now you would have heard about the LinkedIn security breach – change your password immediately as they advised.

Leadership tips from the field:
I was flipping through magazines, and some of these thoughts flashed on my mi…

Harassment is NOT good salesmanship:
Have you stepped into a store and find sales assistants tagging behind y…

Sandboxed or non-sandboxed apps on Mac OS X? If it is me, I go for non-sandboxed apps because they have more features (e.g. BBedit).

Excuse me, these days people need more Internet connectivity, not SMS. Look at South Korea for inspiration.



Underemployment is as serious a social and economic challenge as unemployment.

Fancy formatting blocking sales and interactions?:
How often have you received emails that showed you this? S…

Seen on Pubmed: Men with wider faces are more generous to their in-group members during competition. Interesting!

If one does not wish others to take oneself as target practice, try not to do the same to others. It helps to be kind and nice to others.

When a brand has deposed its own brand value by degrading itself to the bottom of the sea, nothing can resurrect it. A new brand moves in.

Forget to attach files to an outgoing email sometimes? A simple plugin for Apple Mail – ForgetMeNot, might just work.

Why does a coach keep the best players on the bench? It is part of the strategy. Some people don’t understand the meaning of “strategy”.

Remember the movie “Minority Report”? There is now a device that works with your computer to make that GUI come alive.

Sir Jonathan Ive talks about great honest and simple designs, and how GUIs do not match up (skeuomorphism). Great read.

If you are a T-shirt guy like me, you will appreciate this reinvention of the clothes hanger by Ziba.

Seagate will acquire LaCie, the small drive products company with fascinating products designed by design luminaries.

Sandwich filling is getting thicker and thicker, while the cream gets fatter and fatter. Bad for health.

I salute those of you with fortitude and rectitude, to stand bravely and resolutely against the powerful forces that threaten you. Godspeed.

Dr Marc Faber on “how to tell when a civilization is about to end”, very enlightening.

Cameras for donation or sale:
This is a rare post. I have a few cameras I seldom use, in great condition, tha…

Cool, got the OM-D silver in my hands and the 45/1.8. Cool, finally something that feels just like my OM-4Ti. Very fast AF!

2D printers are common. The next leap is 3D printers, which were too costly for us. Look out for the Cubify 3D printer.

What might await us in the year 2045? Here’s an amazing visionary video from Russia.

I salute you, Mr Gac Filipaj! He said, “the richness is in me, in my heart, and in my head, not in my pockets”.

Olympus must have done a good job with their OM-D. No stock anywhere (except those places I won’t buy from).

Other than the super rich, would anyone buy a US$8,000 monochrome camera?

Hair is not supposed to cover your eyes, young people. Here’s a medical reason why.

Success is not luck. It is insanely hard work, resilience to continued failures, and courage. Aitthipat Kulapongvanich is a great example.

We are who we are inside only if we respect intrinsically and are schooled in our roots, language, and culture. Exteriors mean nothing.

Work as if you were to live a hundred years, pray as if you were to die tomorrow. – Benjamin Franklin

We progress, not regress. We can learn a great deal from history. But remember history is often written by victors. Where’s the salt shaker?

Who says Irish Dance needs to be boring? Watch Prodijig – Winners of the Got To Dance Series 3. Exhilarating!

Transparent aluminum ala Star Trek IV? It exists!

No window dressing of customer service can be truly great until the hearts are imbued with an innate culture of humility and mutual respect.

Garlic is a potent antibiotic it seems. Read this article.

Thanks Mr Steve Huff, great review of the Olympus OM-D E-M5. Good AF means alot more to me too, than just a big sensor.

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible. ~ Thomas Aquinas

Dear Optimist, Pessimist and Realist, while you were all busy arguing about the glass of water, I drank it! Sincerely, the Opportunist.

Sustainable wage increases can only happen when increased productivity of employees and profitability for businesses are in tandem.

If one demands tolerance from another, then one must be prepared to be equitably tolerant to the other’s demands as well.

Every driver these days should install a dashboard cam. Too many risks out there as a driver. Protect yourself.

Viral video? Here’s a real viral one of the late Steve Jobs and Macintosh, a spin-off of the “1984″ ad. Really cool.

Structured or unstructured learning at the workplace?:
When I was developing networked and computer-based lea…

Is the customer always right? Not quite.:
One of those age-old ideas “the customer is always right” has alway…

Employer-employee trust – It is a 2-way street:
One of the interesting topics that surfaced in the human reso…

Employment and higher wages are dependent on businesses actually making more sales and profits to begin with, and consumers spending more.

“When I am on a medical drug to address a medical situation, am I a ‘patient’? Or am I a ‘customer’?” What’s your POV?

Cameras for donation or sale:
This is a rare post. I have a few cameras I seldom use, in great condition, tha…

Samsung outsold Nokia and Apple in the smartphone space in Q1 2012.

Anyone tried the secure data storage service LockCube and its Android app yet? Check this shortened URL for details –

In social media, you don’t produce a “viral” video – that is nonsensical. A video goes viral, IF it interests or intrigues people somehow.

Concerned about those new malware on the Mac? Just switch your DNS to OpenDNS and you are protected. Easier to manage.

This doesn’t sound right – “cheers and fears”. I thought it should have been “cheers and jeers”.

Really, beards make better soldiers out of men? Cute story though.

Zero to a billion in two years, only in the new economy. Sustainable? Unknown. But sure raises heartbeats of stakeholders.

Instagram fan? Try Prinstagram and get your instagram photos into minibooks, tinybooks, stickers and little prints.

The world’s most expensive ONE (1) bedroom apartment, US$21.8 Million, 411.932 sqm size, at Minami-Azabu, Tokyo.

The U.S. is still a day behind (i.e. April 1) so don’t take everything you read in the news too seriously till the whole world passes Apr 1.

Sir Arthur C Clarke, memory eternal! He predicted the PC and the Internet in 1974 in an interview with ABC.

A miracle happens when faith meets determination. Watch a paralyzed man dance with his wife for the first time.

“Rangefinder” my smartphone’s camera:
Now, life is not all about work. So here’s a little trivial post. I hav…

Seriously, how small does a simple SIM card need to get? It is fiddly as it is already.

The easiest test is to wear rather shabby clothes, and you can easily tell where the eyes of some people sprout from.

Google opens the Nelson Mandela Digital Archive, with photos, videos and documents about the retired leader. Beautiful!

The real “real steel”, small robots face off in ROBO-ONE 20. Very cool robotics.

Not just for the military, but for anyone hiking or needing to carry someone in an emergency. and

How do cats survive falls from heights when others don’t? Science is behind it.

????????? ????. If you are talented, you don’t need influence to achieve.

The road to committed belief is paved with bones; only the true heroes go against the grain despite the challenges.

Apple’s Leadership has Scott Forstall, SVP iOS software, but NOT Craig Federighi, also SVP, of Software Engineering.

Glass is still glass. What happens when the new iPad is dropped from the waist or shoulder height?

In-app ads are draining your battery, according to a researcher from Purdue U.

If you want a TV producer to shoot footage as you want it EXACTLY, it is not editorial coverage. You will buy a spot for an advertisement.

Heikki Kovalainen to wear the Angry Birds logo on his 2012 season?

Statistics is not absolute truth. What is behind the stats? How was it derived? WHO is behind the numbers? Who stands to benefit from them?

Rob Reid at TED on the US$8 “billion” iPod. Great speech Rob! A MUST WATCH!

Carpe diem, and not just your career:
The water heater switch malfunctioned, and we needed an electrician to …

European Convention on Human Rights Article 9: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Journalists dislike over-prepped interviewees who insisted on questions to “prepare beforehand” – too fake. Interviewees should be experts.

The media landscape is very transient today and many no longer provide scheduled editorial calendars. Educate clients who insist otherwise.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” – Thomas Jefferson, 3rd Pres, USA.

I love the “Back to the Future” movies. Someone created a RC model flying DeLorean (from Russia no less).

Long story short? Eating vegetables apparently help your skin look nicer.

Now this is what I call a great TV commercial. L’Odyssée de Cartier – a masterpiece (nb: you get what you pay for).

If creativity can indeed be nurtured and cultivated then it may also imply those who lack creativity cannot use any reason but laziness.

Use cloud services, but also remember to backup your data in your own hardware redundantly.

There is a little bit of “Glee” in everyone of us – ordinary people going through life’s challenges, courageously with gusto. And yes, sing!

The Avengers – coming soon! Who’s into related merchandise and collectibles?

Words are pointless. True friends are those who would care for you, even bleed for you, however much in pain they may already be.

One year on, the Japanese appreciated the Taiwanese in the calamity on 3/11. The video:

Taiwan donated US$260 Mil to Japan during the 3/11 disaster. Japan thanked them: 我們現在很元氣,臺灣,謝謝你! Kudos, Taiwanese!

Too many shooting, brain-dead and violent games? Try Trauma, a RPG with a difference.

Quite many WINE projects, but this is is on the Mac App Store, WinOnX ( Run Win apps on OS X without Windows.

Miss Solaris? Try illumos ( and OpenIndiana ( Interesting projects that are OST and not Linux.

Before leaders utter life-changing decisions onto their people, be prepared to lead by example first. Generals go in front of the battle.

See what you can do positively for your health, if you just eat right and exercise well. Dr Terry Wahls:

Simply being present at the workplace, is not a measure of working. Bosses gauge work based on the quantity and quality of the output.

Bosses are not doting parents. Employees have to be self-motivated, to learn, to contribute, to excel, to collaborate well with others.

Foursquare goes OpenStreetMap. Have you tried OpenStreetMap yet?

Monsieur Rémi Gaillard is at it again, this time in an elevator. Brilliant(ly funny)!

Audi visions OLED technology – may change the way car lighting work. Absolutely amazing and bleeding-edge!

Putting a child through a 1-day crash course is not going to turn him into a master chef or an expert. There is no short cut to success.

Edits Quarterly, an online mag on photography, has one of the most sophisticated website themes I have seen!

Website optimization for marketing campaigns:
Let us examine a typical scenario. A consumer products company …

I respect and admire the Japanese for their recovery efforts.

Human Resource management and social media:
I remember in the great economic depression of the 1980s, after I…

Stare at the center of this optical illusion for up to 45 seconds, and then start looking around you. (Not for all).

What is one’s habit? Is it one of learning, of hard work, of positivity, of compassion? Or is it one that negates and decays in inactivity?

Hacking is finding a clever and elegant way to solve IT problems. Don’t confuse it with cracking (bypassing preset security or encryption).


Let US Army officer Alex Jansen show us how to shoot with a camera using the fundamentals of marksmanship. Interesting!

All that money to climb the Everest may be used to feed the poor. Or yes, the Porsche.

“When the prince loves what the people love and hates what the people hate, then he is the parent of the people” – Confucius.

No one is an expert, but experience counts:
Recently, a social media practitioner mentioned that no one is re…

Front-page news and PR counsel:
How often have you heard clients banging on the table wanting front-page news…

Fans, Friends, or What?:
In the rush to adopt social networks today, we hear of client companies pressing for…

I admire the honesty of this Gizmodo article. 100% objectivity is an ideal. There is a bias in anyone’s writing.

Finally the Windows 8 logo looks like a window, rather than a flag in previous versions of Windows (except v1.0).

If you want service that wows you, start becoming a customer who respects your service provider. It is a give-and-take relationship.

It always seem easier to point fingers at others. It is often wise to remember, “Those who stay in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

Scalado’s “remove” tech will be a great help to tourists and consumers taking photographs with unwanted moving objects.

Beauty is not just skin deep, sometimes it goes straight to the heart. Brave lady. and also .

Remember the movie “Back to the future”? Check out this scale model with a hard disk inside.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) should not be seen as a means to exploit the media for coverage. Do it because you want to.

“Using apps to help treat autism” (from Macworld magazine.

What holds us back from incredible success? Fear. Josh Dueck, paraplegic skier, did the first sit-down bkacflip.

Right fit for retail sales?:
Working in a retail outlet is never easy, especially in the harsh economic clima…

GoJo Hands Free for US$10. The really idiot-proof “hands-free” device with the mobile phone (or even the land line).

Good to read – Pew’s report on what you may share on Facebook with others.


Siri? Try the Scottish accent. Haha! Forget it.

You can eat a fast food meal to feed your hunger, but you can’t eat your social media page. That’s the difference between 2 entities.

Money isn’t everything, especially when you are getting older. Then you realize living the life means a lot more.

Advanced stem cell technology may cure many eye diseases and even blindness. There is hope!’s-disease-eye-diseas.htm

Word game: New “customers” good, old “customers” bad seems to drive many practices here. Substitute “customers” with any other term.

One cannot be a leader unless he goes through the rite of passage of the frontline. Those who take shortcuts invariably fail at the front.

Just a couple of hours more and Lunar New Year begins. Have a blessed Chinese New Year!

Good job for the 2 kids who did this video.

A good customer, while demanding the highest levels of service delivery from the provider, returns the same in respect and prompt payment.

When a person chooses to be blind to the greater truth or reality out there, he would then only focus on a myopic morsel instead.

Great service is not validated by asking customers to fill in feedback forms favorably, but by familiar faces you keep seeing every time.

There is nothing very difficult about many tasks at work, if one can put in the hours to learn, to refine, to improve, and to deliver.

Show me commitment, hard work, intelligence, quality output, professionalism, courtesy, and I will pave for you your career progression.

Some people always think the grass is greener outside, but forget that other people are nurturing them and slaving away quietly (overheard).

Doing the same mundane things for years is not the same as pushing the envelope always to greater heights in a shorter period of time.

Those driven by money will find it hard to be driven by anything else. Those driven by passion will always be tugged hard by passion first.

Adobe Flash? Blah. Try this demo at instead.

Pretty nostalgic about my good years of journalism in the 90s. Chasing stories, staying up late reporting TV and radio news, research, etc.

Done up your bucket list yet? Time waits for no one. Everything these days seem transient. Live life fully.

Public Relations is fast changing. It is no longer the mundane stuff, and practitioners need to get clients up to speed to the new wave.

The friendly elderly cabbie I chatted earlier, had his entire family of 6 travel to Romania for a 15-day trip! Amazing (and expensive)!


Nobody can go on autopilot at the job. Nobody. Everyone who works for a pay or pro bono, needs to focus on the job.

Mother – [muhth-er] -noun. One person who does the work of twenty. For free. (see also: “masochist”, “loony”, “saint”.) (seen online).

To understand what a “public servant” can be, simply think of the Greek word “Diakonos” – one who serves (others).

The proof of living is in action, not inaction. The proof of life is in learning and moving forward, not in lethargy and complacency.

If someone types on a keyboard, it is either (1) working, or (2) chatting/socializing. One can’t do both at the same time. Sequential maybe.

Congratulations President Ma! A most difficult road ahead though, with the global economic backdrop.

Hy-Fi to the rescue, if you need a stable data stream, combining Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Powerline and MoCA.

Easiest way to transfer files between PC, Mac, Android & iPad? With a single cable – JUC400 Wormhole Switch. Very cool!

Corel AfterShot Pro looks good, compared to other RAW workflow photo tools. Best of all – works on Win, Mac and Linux!

Customer service? Nah. I would fly Southwest the next time. Rap yeah!

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison

A heralded past success does not imply future successes. You are only as good as your delivery today. Nostalgia makes good leisure reads.

Who says technology and faith can’t meet? Look at what Russia has done beautifully.

Don’t rely on mere numbers to judge a country’s economy. Japan as a failure? Certainly not.

Those who can perform are passionate, consummate artists who simply ascend their own goals. Those who can’t perform will not perform anyway.

A person can be powerless and void of material wealth, and yet commands the utmost and universal respect. History has many such persons.

A wise leader recognizes experience and wisdom as key assets that can mean sustainable success. Can’t say much for those who can’t.

Look around us, the signs are clear – this is the era of “personal brands”. Work hard, be nimble, keep learning, and keep creating.

At least some people are refreshingly honest that they are in the job for the money. Perhaps greener pastures might offer better returns?

Leaders are forged from hardship, which lends wisdom, compassion and fortitude. You can’t create leaders in a gentle and comfortable vacuum.

True martial arts is as martial as it is art. You can find the truest masters and practitioners in silence, in stillness, and in peace.

Those who stop learning, stop living. You learn till you’ve soil in your ears (inspired by Kimani Maruge (1920-2009).

Lest we forget, “give and take” is bilateral. I give and take, you too, give and take.

Like a jeans-lookalike but probably comfy lounge pants?

Apple did not invent the “all-touch” phone (in 2007). IBM and Bellsouth did, in 1992 – 15 years earlier!

Why do we have blind spots in our eyes? See this educational video.!

In youth, perhaps tempest or anger. In later years, perhaps the calm, benign and silent wisdom of decades of transfiguration and reflection.

Those who vigorously and insidiously wield swords against others, often get their just desserts in the end.

It would be an irony if a thief call another a thief. He who throws rocks should not live in glass houses.

The book Hagakure by Yamamoto Tsunatomo describes leadership. One is no leader without honor, courage, humility, and hunger for learning.

Excellent service is the cream on the cake. If you can’t even deliver the basic cake to begin with, it is moot. Fulfill needs first.

No amount of window dressing can change the ongoing health of an organization. If it is rusting from the core, fresh paint won’t work.

What’s dependable historically is not the measure of dependability in the future. The only assurance comes from your performance right now.

You can flog a product to death, but if it can’t fit in the marketspace nor fit in the desires and needs of consumers, scrap it. It is dead.

Think like a visionary, spend like a wise philanthropist, run like the cheetah, fight like a guerrilla, endure long hauls like the penguin.

There is no divide between “traditional” and digital marketing. There is just marketing, albeit the channels evolve over time and tastes.

Heroes fly against convention, sacrifice their own comfort, conformance and security, for the well being of others. We sing songs for them.

Ventilation works when there is uninterrupted air flow between two points. When the passage is blocked, there is no ventilation. Simple.

Creativity and innovation happen in chaos, not in uniformity and conformance. Creativity only blossoms when the mind and faculties are free.

The next pasture may not be greener, but if it fits you, it is greener, sunnier, happier, better. Let no one dissuade you from your dreams.

Just as one has to be prepared for crises in life, a business has to be prepared for process breakdowns, uncertainty, and communication.

Only the mediocre will compare themselves with those who lag behind, and think they have arrived. The exceptional pushes forward and beyond.

There is no such thing as “cheaper, faster, better”. Quality and efficiency come with a decent price tag. You can be cheap, but that’s it.

BetaBuilder for iOS Apps is great! Now I can provide OTA ad hoc distribution apps to people easily.

There are some who rebel only because they believe, invent, create, build. They move us forward and change the world. The rest? Mere noise.

You can analyze something ad nauseam, and be paralyzed with inaction. The best thing to do in business, and marketing, is moving forward.

Don’t simply collect data for data’s sake. Data is useless without intelligence. Get over reports. Get creative. Get interesting.

Teresa Hsu, Singapore’s oldest person and social worker, has reposed at 113. Memory eternal to a compassionate soul who labored for others.

It’s interesting to see how often and how much time younger people chat online during work these days. What are their productive hours?

This is how a touching ad goes. I find this often in TW and JP, where subtlety and sensitivity run in the veins.

This is how a “real” luxury car is made (the Bentley). Beautiful hand-made stuff by people with passion.

I am a paying customer. The money is mine. For an identical product, I go to whichever supplier with better pricing and nicer attitude.

Mr Baekdal, imo, I agree that the simplest designs will end up looking the same. A square’s a square. Common sense.

Enemies have taught me to know what hardly anyone knows, that a person has no enemies in the world except himself. St Nikolai Velimirovich.

St Nicholas of Myra, the real “santa”, a saint of love, devotion, and generosity that seeks no rewards nor recognition.

Way too many USB cables to contend with? Cables too long? Innergie’s Magic Cable Trio looks like a good idea.

404 Error pages are boring and a let-down to site visitors. See how creative some folks get with their 404 pages.

See the Bridgestone Air-free concept tyre in action (albeit in a tiny cart rather than a real car).

If you aren’t in the “breaking news” media category, you’d better be in the “thought-provoking, insightful, and thoroughly useful” category.

Life is unpredictable. When in doubt, do you get over-analytical and paralyzed with inaction? Or do you brave forward and enjoy the journey?

Do you find email marketing boring? Movable Ink has an interesting HTML apps approach to email marketing.

Where do you think some people learn their pricing models from? The under-delivering over-paid of course. Answer? Switch or move.

You won’t get true friends by hiding behind a computer. True friends stood alongside or before you; suffer the grit of real life together.

Social media is about building real world influence to win over real paying customers and advocates. It is not about numbers or analytics.

Great service comes with a BIG price tag, dependent on time (attention & delivery) and money (staffing & systems). You get what you pay for.

When someone pushes political correctness to the extreme or beyond, look closer. It may not be as benign or benevolent as it seems.

A news report mentioned to measure employees on output and not face-time. It depends on whether the output even meets the minimum standards.

The paranoia and greed of a few can usurp the simple life and liberty of the many.

Those who crave for privacy may have only one real thorough solution – disconnect from the Internet and all forms of digital appendages.

If all one thinks of is winning at all costs at the expense of others, he has already lost. The world leans on empathetic visionaries.

Public Relations? No, much more!: One of the largest PR firms renamed to make clear that it manages much more th…

Nothing is sacred when it comes to ideas. It would be arrogant to imagine you are so much better than others. Innovate, don’t litigate.

Love Robin Williams and his dramatic humor. See him talk about Siri on Ellen’s show.

There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Where have I heard this so often before? And then we read lots of these.

Bridgestone, we need this tires of yours manufactured! No more filling tires with air, and probably puncture-proof.

What do we desire really? But love and peace. George Harrison’s simple song “Give me love”. Beautiful.

Ricoh GXR fans? There’s a new short zoom (16M 24-85mm) lens with APS-C CMOS coming in Jan 2012.

Shooting short films on your smartphone? Try the Mobislyder dolly by Glidetrack for smooth tracking sequences.

Simplicity is sometimes the best. Watch an ingenious chap create a DIY privacy monitor in a totally different way.

Learning + Laboring = Life: I was watching cable TV just now. The Taiwanese cable TV channels are always enterta…

“I’ve observed that those who worked the hardest, are the least likely to complain things are taking too long” (Aung San Suu Kyi on TV).

Mazda’s regenerative braking tech, which recovers part of the kinetic energy during braking – is it useful in our congested city driving?

Taiwan wood sculptor Zhang Jing doesn’t have a single certificate, but his 1000+ works, collected by many, shows that he is a true achiever.

The new Facebook Insights offer much more detailed analytics for your business fan page.

Don’t find excuses when a boss complains about how good the competition is. Find a solution.

Our 3-Step Journeys in Life: What is the simplest way to describe how we live our lives? Is there a general patt…

FXI Cotton Candy, a USB stick sized Android dongle that has a dual core CPU, Wifi, Bluetooth, 1GB DRAM, microSD.

A continuation of the HexBug® toys – the new Larva. Quite cool movements simulating a real larva.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) should not be seen as a corporate “warfare” tool. It is really about living harmoniously with others.

In the hospitality industry, one thing stands out. It is not about a longer laundry list of features, but how well you serve people’s needs.

Digital marketing is no different from marketing. The same rules apply – reach out to prospects and customers well, and increase profits.

Different social media tools for different uses: How are you using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, and so…

The only way to get out of a rat race, is to stop being a rat, and quit running the race. There is life outside a race. Breathe…

After having tried filmmaking, I know that critics of films have to put their criticisms to the test – make a film, or even a short film.

Do you have a communications fire drill?: All too often, we see companies reacting (sometimes badly) to crises w…

Do you get design or do you go cheap?: Let’s face it, the best brands in the world, such as the iconic Apple, Ni…

450 sq ft apartment in NY, designed by architect Michael Chen & Kari Anderson of Normal Projects. Great use of space.

Your own Private Mobile App “store”: Mobile apps must be one of the fastest growing industry these days. Everyon…

Social Media: Experiment or Strategy?: Social media is all the rage these days. At every cafe, every turn of the…

How to use Mobile Apps for Marketing: Recently, some marketing folks were interviewed in a magazine on why mobil…

What’s in a name for a brand?: Recently, I was reading an industry magazine. The editors conducted a tiny experi…

What kind of sandwich do you prefer to eat? Apparently it can tell what kind of personality you have.

The heart is closer to the ground than the brain. So you can often see what kind of person he is by what he spews forth.

No conversation can be without pitfalls. Therefore, deal with the positive and negative comments just as you would in a chat with a friend.

Mediocrity is fine, since not every brand can ascend to be brand leaders. Just don’t expect you can get to the top by pinching pennies.

All the best brands, and especially those which are successful in the market, have made SERIOUS investments in product design and branding.

You will be shown the door at a top restaurant if you demand great food at basement dollars. Likewise, branding requires mature commitment.

To provide visual clarity for others when we present a math formula, use parentheses, even if order of operations are obvious to us.

The Japanese are great at optimizing the use of limited space. See this super-slim and yet livable space.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, serious computing power in a hybrid tablet with keyboard. Might just be good enough for work.

PR is about communicating consistently and truthfully to every stakeholder – media, institutions, public, partners, shareholders, etc.

Someone on FB posted this. Mr Dennis Ritchie, memory eternal. We remember you.

Traveling to places with pickpockets? These underwear may be better than money belts or hiding money in socks.

Measuring PR effectiveness: One of the most controversial and disputed measurements in PR is Advertising Value E…

Menicon’s flat pack packaging of soft contact lenses takes up just 40% of conventional packaging.

A job is not all fun and glam: Some young job candidates came forward to demand quite many things: remuneration,…

What’s your “out of box” experience?: Many years back, I bought the LG Chocolate mobile phone. More recently, I …

A place may be a living paradise when the barrier of entry is way too high. Conversely, if the barrier of entry is low to a place, well…

In customer service, it is about mutual respect. You don’t treat a frontliner badly and expect good service. He/she is NOT your slave.

A nice jab at the 3D hype, CollegeHumor does a “Transformers in 1-D”.

Time for companies to start waking up to real matrices of media coverage and reputation management rather than AVEs.

Make every day a memorable novella in itself, and we would not leave one day with regrets, having left behind an unaccomplished novel.

Manage conference calls? Surely time zones and daylight savings drive many of us momentarily crazy at times.

If a person denies the doctor from having pre-treatment evidence, the doctor has his right of refusal to treat, to protect himself.

Why would any person doubt that William Shakespeare is indeed the author of all those works?

NatGeo most typical human: Chinese, male, 28, Christian, speaks Mandarin, cell phone, no car/bank account, <US$12k pa.

Find out what’s your “number” in the world population at 7 billion.

The Wai Khru Ram Muay is even more important than the actual moves, for it demonstrates humility, respect, discipline, and obedience.

In Muaythai, fancy moves don’t help you, and may even hurt you. Stick to the basics. In life too, stick to the basics and avoid showy moves.

When dinner plans fail, don’t worry. Keep walking. You might just find something quaint and yet thoroughly enjoyable and memorable.

Intellectual property in many cases can be over-hyped. Keep running the marathon, keep creating, keep innovating, and you keep the lead.

Rather than relying solely on social influence, marketers should build great products, generate useful content, and allow markets to bloom.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you can’t, you should pack up and go home. You knew what you were getting into, so there’s no excuse.

Gorgeous video showing how the Nokia N9 is made. Great videography and music.

Appreciate the early adopters, for they had synergistic foresight with the innovators to help make a company successful in the mainstream.

Right brain, left brain – does it even matter? Psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist explains about the “divided brain”.

Unless you happen to be a brand that consumers want without reason, don’t scrooge on product packaging. Make it stand out on the shelves.

Daily Mail reported on what may happen in terms of aging, when someone drinks wine everyday.

Finally Google is going to allow pseudonyms. There are very legit reasons for pseudonyms or nicks. Soon.

Public Relations is about the public, which includes the media. It is not just media relations. You’ve got to look at influencing everyone.

So are entrepreneurs born or bred? Can you teach someone entrepreneurship? Or you are merely firing up what’s in there all along? Thoughts?

A content management system (CMS) is as necessary today just as having a cell phone is. You have got content, now you need to manage it.

A challenge with green energy and conservation is that it is difficult to persuade client companies to sustain the efforts at all costs.

I agree with Google’s Andy Rubin, that we are to talk with someone on the other side of the phone, NOT with the phone. We do have a life.

Energizer’s 1-hour quick charger for NiMH rechargeables is fast and good.

Very good reminder from a wise gentleman recently, “政者正也, 子帅以正,孰敢不正”.

Consumer light field camera from Lytro. Try their picture gallery and you will know what it means.

Joe Capra, you’re da man! Love your efforts in showing us the beautiful Iceland and its midnight sun.

Let’s say you have a product that keeps getting flak from the media, perhaps it is time to figure out how to fix and re-design the product.

Fujifilm X10 reminds me of my Rollei 35. Photography’s not just pixels. It’s about feeling, accessibility, handling.

Those who are too cowardly and paralyzed to do anything, are usually the ones to attack those who actually have the guts to do something.

What’s the “out-of-box” experience you have with your gadget, when unwrapping it from the box? Cheap? Or WOW? Good example – Fujifilm X100.

Every retail customer interaction is only concluded when you finish serving the customer. No chitchat, comb hair, or file fingernails.

No such thing as “multitasking”. Mostly it is just sequential handling of micro-segments of different tasks strung together over time.

Cool internet radio service Stereomood provides streaming music of genres we prefer.

Yet one more reason why web apps make sense over specific native apps.

Macs I’ve owned: I have owned and/or used these Macs from 1986. The ones I loved a great deal included the Mac L…

Make your website interactive: When people surf the Web, they are looking for 2 things: (1) information, and (2)…

Japanese company creates realistic 3D face replicas (no, not a virtual one, but a real face you can wear). Scary.

Thank you folks at University of Nevada Las Vegas in SG (Gerry, Roy, Susan, etc), for inviting me to talk about social media. Great fun!

Even in 1984, a young Steve Jobs showed complete finesse and artistry, when he launched the first Mac. A true artist.

If you spend time suing others, you’re either out of new ideas, or you’re not spending enough time innovating. Go invent, create, innovate.

More than 100 centenarians in Taoyuan, Taiwan? Hmmm… looks like a nice peaceful place to retire.

And presenting a primer on “Social Media for Business” to my old Rotarian friends this Saturday morning. Good to catch up with old friends.

Talking about “Social Media in Business and Marketing” to undergraduates tomorrow evening. Should be fun.

Never let pride or laziness put you to hold off any serious pursuit, lest you run out of time. Failure and ridicule are but white noise.

Keep learning, keep hungry, keep nimble, keep fast, keep fit. We can’t stop change, or the speed of change, but we can change ourselves.

No business is sacred in terms of longevity. A giant yesterday can decline slowly or even drastically over time.

If you are a student doing a project, be courteous to people you are engaging with. Nobody owes you anything. What do you bring to others?

Punctuality is a rare thing over here it seems. Doesn’t it reflect our respect for the precious time of others?

Google to build data center in Singapore (and in Taiwan and HK too), the first Asian data centers for Google (the rest are in US and EU).

Learned 2 new words this morning. “Nontroversy” and “administrivia”.

There is a minor comeback of vinyl in the stores. Do you think film photography would return?

Happy 13th “birthday” Google. We were thick in the web design and hosting business in 1998, and using Compuserve.

Sensible approach to trademarks. Trademarks should be unique, obviously.

“There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody,” Elizabeth Warren, American law professor, attorney, and senate candidate.

Touching movie based on the true story of Taku Mayumura-san who wrote 1,778 stories every day for his sick wife.

Kärcher wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Just got one of them to clean out the aircon drainage. Works.

There is something pristinely beautiful and appetizing about food that is fresh, real, untainted. Eat fresh. Eat real. Start cooking.

For those who don’t have patience, don’t know about plants, but like to pretend to have flowering plants that “grow”.

Companies don’t need to be tied to mobile app repositories. Financial Times is a good example.

Great design is so elegantly subtle and non-intrusive that you can take it for granted. Bad design stand out for all the wrong reasons.

What top brands show us is that usability and elegant design often leapfrog raw speed and tech specs. Make things for people, not machines.

You know a hospital is overstaffed when you ask a junior nurse for a wheelchair and she shouts to an old lady attendant to do it instead.

If your competition gets frontpage media coverage, they may be willing to stand up for what they say, however difficult the questions posed.

If you can’t present what you do or sell in a single sentence to a top executive, you haven’t got a product or service ready – yet…

Just as retainers are well known in professional services, software is now found in subscription models, from productivity, to high-end.

Employers seek simple things from employees: intelligence, diligence, initiative, empathy, teamwork, and civility. The “haves” become stars.

Some tips on optimizing your graphics for print and online use.

The mettle of an employee can be found by telling him all the tasks on hand and see what he does with all his time – work, or play?

Good talents make magic out of just a hat you give them. Non-talents are those who talk trash even if you give them all the stage and props.

To put an empty loud mouth in his place is to hand him the tools to work in the field. Then suddenly he has regained humility and sight.

The value of a sysadmin is not apparent when everything is fine. When nothing works? Suddenly you know why you got him in the first place.

They don’t call it the “rat race” for nothing. In short, quit the race and stop being a rat. Peace.

Social media is not a single channel. You need to develop along multiple media, content-rich streams with a laser focus and sound strategy.

In competitive environments, if you are not contributing to growing the bottomline or easing the workloads of others, you are a liability.

If you are selling merely products as a box pusher, no matter how many, calling your role “solutions marketing” won’t make a difference.

One can be tried to be found good or bad, and tested to pass or fail. “Tried and tested” at most means one went through rigorous testing.

HR processes are complex because people are complex. Shortcuts to hiring people often lead to failures. Rehiring is tedious and expensive.

Perception is everything. It doesn’t matter how big you are. If you’ve nothing to say in the news, you lose to the small guys with big news.

If you maintain silence with no publicity, your competition are joyously shouting for mindshare every minute. No PR means no business.

In today’s world, you no longer can make demands for sponsorship (i.e. Getting freebies) with no cause and returns for those you approach.

The word “Internet” is made up of 2 words, “intern” (newbies) and “ET” (aka super-geeks). There is a broad spectrum of users to support.

Shouting loud just gets you hoarse and out in no time. Marketing is about sustaining talks over a long period of time, like friendship.

A successful and sustainable operation should have a good balance of youthful exuberance tempered with tenured wisdom and field experience.

What’s just fast, or just cheap, is not necessarily better. Quality, customer experiences, and efficiency, all have price tags on them.

The solution to a problem is often found in the least amount of words, but in the maximum amount of footprints and lots of roughened hands.

In a fierce media landscape, always provide more free content to your users and monetize more creatively, rather than firewalling content.

Always provide a low-res preview video if you are providing b-roll videos, so that clients will know what huge files they are downloading.

Good brand ambassadors are those who are persuasive and tactful evangelists for your brand and products, and not just voiceless mannequins.

Mere window dressing does not make a lasting and endearing brand if everything is dysfunctional behind the scenes, giving hell to employees.

If your workflow and business processes are unnecessarily laborious, quickly audit them, trim redundancy, and get proper systems running.

Shoes that zip themselves up neatly for packing away for trips? That’s innovation.

When someone gives a convulated verbose answer, he may not really have the answer, or he is hiding something, or he is simply lying.

Nostalgia for an antiquated product doesn’t bring it back, especially for FMCG products. Move on. There are always new things to replace it.

The solution to debt is NOT more borrowing, but paying off the debt as quickly as one can. The logic of more borrowing baffles me.

Robots merely break down, they don’t complain. Treasure the job you have.

In sports, lose valiantly like heroes rather than winning like mere cowards.

Wanna do motion capture animation with a miniature – no human needed? Try the Quma (from Japan).

Absentee staff? Put 3 plants in the office for them to look after, with 3 different care/hydration levels. If any plant dies, you know why.

People who expect 5-star concierge service for everything in life has to realize that it is not free. In fact, it is expensive.

This is a quantum leap in image quality, when a frame grab of the RED Epic becomes comparable with the best of stills.

Wanna be prepared for disasters? Try Candwich ready–to-eat sandwich in a can with a long shelf life.

Remember “Lord of the Rings”? The story tells of the lust for power that will drive one to the extremes, exposing the darkest soul inside.

Don’t trust your memories too much, as that can be manipulated if people try hard enough.

One of the best documentaries – “Inside Job” by Dr. Charles Ferguson. Radically changes one’s mind on investments.

Trailer-sized tiny apartment. And yes, the guy got attached and moved out of it, obviously.

Humans are resistant to change even if they recognize intrinsically the need to.

It is a wonder why people bemoan the little challenges of the rich and famous, rather than care for the painful suffering of the nameless.

Cute short film, “The Applicant”, simple and well made.

Cute commercial, made like a short DIY film, about 2 friends and soup.

True compassion challenges our hearts to such depths, because it demands and wrestles our own needs away, and places needs of others first.

Just because one can type does not make one a writer, just as one who can take vitamin pills does not make one a doctor.

I value listening skills in a person much more than credentials, experience, wealth, or authority. Very often, all we need are genuine ears.

Some called me a failure. Some deemed me a late bloomer. And so what if I am mildly autistic? I have accomplished more than the naysayers.

Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make you right and the other person wrong. It’s egoistical to imagine only you can be right.

If you sign a contract of death with the devil, any fruition, however glamorous it seems, will only end in disappointment and… death.


Suddenly the phrase “show-and-tell” makes more sense to me now. “Show” precedes “tell” because “show” can be much more persuasive.

?”Practice is the most advanced form of theory.” – Dr Jeremy Norby

The illusion of “reality” does not render it true, merely perceptively a reality.

They have something in common: Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Richard Branson. Nuff said.

Mark of a gentleman when one can embrace his opponent like a brother. I wouldn’t mind if those “opponents” in my life fought like this.

I love iFixit (, they can tear down (and assemble again) anything from laptops, tablets, to now, cameras!

Fancy a nanomineral coated toothbrush by the Japanese. Read why you might want one.

Judge a man by the courage he exudes to place the interests of others above his own, and service above challenges he may face.



I have respect for those who serve the welfare of others pro bono, against the backdrop of limited resources and distracting noises.

If people say they are too old to learn, they can read about Yuan Baojun, a 76 years old Photoshop master from China.

Yes, of course life is not perfect, but at least one can try not to make things worse for others. Do unto others what you want done to you.

Well, if one is worried about the baggage, can always leave it behind – ancient wisdom. No need to carry dead weight around.

When the deviation from norm is civility and benevolence, you have a problematic society heading towards a train wreck.


“Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly”. :-) Agree! (Attributed to a writer, posted on a facebook note by someone).

細水長流的吃,才能夠吃出健康,長久。Such a wise saying from a Taiwanese surgeon on Taiwanese TV.

Why does it seem that some who keep pets only choose pets that are good looking and “cute”? If they truly love animals, wouldn’t any do?

Inventor or inventor wannabe? Try working at the “disneyland” of invention – Inventionland.

Producing a film that requires a large crowd, and no budget for extras? Try Inflatable Crowd Company. Great stuff.

Teach the kids well, and they can be pillars of the world. Watch this great film “Waiting for superman”.

Black card photography, really old school and great results!

Now that’s passion! Kelly Angood’s paper pinhole “Hasselblad” takes pictures!

Beware of phone scams guys selling events or ads. Do online checks and background checks religiously and you can uncover these crooks.

Now, if you put a fake number “+0000123456″, don’t expect anyone to bother picking up either.

If you are serious in your tele-sales, show your phone number rather than hiding behind a “blocked” number. Often, the truth is clear.

What stops or retards a person from succeeding in anything is often just inertia.

The fastest way to lose a customer, or a valued supplier, is to make the party go through loops and loops of forms and processes.

Aggression never brings peace, at most submission, which in turn, leads to more aggression.

The most brilliant minds aren’t fueled by things of the world. Conversely, things of the world can’t make the mediocre brilliant either.

Heard of human factors engineering? Business processes benefit from that too. Don’t do it in 100 tedious steps if you can optimize to 5.

Logistics is the KEY to good retail and distribution. You are in the wrong business if you can’t get logistics and your supply chain right.

It cripples creative results and aesthetics when non-creatives meddle with the workflow. Let the creatives deal with their own work.

You can turn ordinary into extraordinary, with just a good honest story.

There is nothing wrong with slower, but sustainable growth. Things in nature all grow that way, to great effect.

See what a meticulous Japanese artist can do with just salt? See to believe!

There is a way to make people WANT to take stairs instead of escalators, by making it fun.

Blind photographers – sounds like an oxymoron? Think again. Check out

Want to see a saint, look around us. Look at how Mr Krishan cook for homeless for free, shave, clean, and respect them.

Like to fly? These guys build their own turbo-normalized planes, in just 2 weeks.

Here’s another, the “hollow face” illusion, which plays on our assumptions that things are convex rather than concave.

Squares “A” and “B” are the SAME color. An optical illusion by Ed Adelson.

Overhead: What’s the point of having appointments at the clinics/hospitals if we have to wait a few hours more? Why can’t docs come on time?

Good photography is ALL about perspective, vanishing lines, framing, and emotion. Try these.

Interesting article about what your Facebook photo says about your personality.

A very nice holographic 3D retail or marketing display technology.

One man’s passion to create the greatest slot car track – White Lake Ring.

Have you heard of “diminished reality”? This software can erase any part of reality in your VIDEOS in real time.

Frame-by-frame editing of people’s forms in film making may change, with this new technology from Max Planck Institute.

“It is better to lose and do the right thing, than to win and do the wrong thing.” – Tony Blair.

Watch the developments of Berkeley Bionics’ eLEGS, because it may provide mobility for the paralyzed soon.

Now this is what I call a good ad, with lots of love and effort thrown in. Canon PIXMA ad.

From an amateur filmmaker’s POV, I love “Buried”, where the set/backdrop is just a cramped space.

What does your self portrait say about you? Read Fast Company’s interpretation.

Watch Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder) on Big Bang Theory.

Another Harris-Shutter effect COLOR photograph in 1915, amazingly life-like.

Harris-Shutter effect COLOR photograph by Russian Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky in 1909, more than 100 years ago!

Amazing story of Frank Reynolds who treated his own spinal cord injury and walked again. His company to IPO soon.

No point of dealing with people who can’t even keep their word to you. Life is short, I’d spend time with people who matter, or even alone.

Very aggressive and powerful marketing campaign of promoting Seoul as a destination.

Now there’s HDR video, and imho, very interesting for mood films.

LIke cars? I am sure you would like Group Harrington with their “mini me” classic sports cars for kids & adults. :-)

Super space efficient design for a tiny space (but surely a scary thought to “inspire” shoebox condo makers) –

Photography is about capturing a sacred and profound moment in time. It is not about megapixels and other technical nitty-gritty.

For those of us who still love ink on paper. Sharpie (, and check out their “Liquid Pencil”.

Every job can have a maestro. A young man charging US$11,000 per car wash and succeeding at it. Find out why.

Excellent design for a toolbox, with the hammer “hitting the nail on the head.” Make your hammer useful.

Hey, I didn’t realize Jul 30 is “System Admin Appreciation Day”! Well, 1 day does not absolve the pains of the other 364 days per year.

Subtlety is what separates genius from mediocrity. The best designed things are characterized by elegant subtlety and feature clarity.

The chicken came before the egg, says them.

Interesting article about caffeine and its effects on our body.

Some people should realize that you can’t have a low budget and demand big ROI or marketing magic. Media suppliers do need to eat.

If you like a full-sized bicycle that folds and locks without a chain or lock, check this “bendy bicycle” –

Great inspirational movie “Invictus”, , and the poem of the same name, . Great music too.

The ultimate “spork” (spoon+fork) tool to bring on camping trips.

Remember those painful fillings and root canals? A tooth regeneration gel could change that in the future.

Love the movie “The Blind Side”. Good laughs and inspiration.

Most use expensive solutions to do simple things, while the rare genius does gorgeous things simply and affordably.

When someone naively thinks he can “enslave” money, that’s when money enslaves him.

Found out a new word, “lawfare”. I see it as a terribly bad thing for anyone to wage against another.

If a brand suffers from public apathy, it’s worse than brands people talk about (positively or negatively). You want to be a known brand.

Michael Winslow ( “reciting” history of typewriters –

Rather expensive but cute gag toy, the “brick”.

Some people are such engineers that they can turn simple toys (like Lego) into working “toys”.

We platform speakers always face occasional technical problems. See maestro Steve Jobs deal with them.

Sound dampening foam tiles that look like speakers. Cool!

For those who love the batpod, build your own.

One of my favorite theater and screen actors, Patrick Stewart, is now Sir Patrick. Congratulations sir!

“Must have” gadget for geeks – OBJET Alaris™30, part of the product range that helped make Iron Man 2′s custom gloves.

Interesting interview with Conan O’Brien on how he discovered the power of the Internet (with Google VP Vic Gundotra).

Watch Luc Besson’s Le Missionnaire (or Hallelujah in Singapore). Absolutely funny French comedy.

For the casual Muay Thai enthusiast at home.

The incredible shrinking office-in-a-box. Great for events and conferences. Or the “home office”.

Small space should not hamper creativity and the creation of livable homes. Gary Chang in HK shows how. Amazing!

Making of the Shell Helix Ultra Transparent Nissan 370Z. Cool ad!

For the couch potato muay thai enthusiast.

Entire finale episode of my favorite, “House”, shot on a DSLR, Canon 5D Mark II. The future!

Cool ads shot entirely with radio control cars.

Simple and elegant designs of pocket tools.

Beautiful and poignant film, The Monastery: Mr. Vig and the Nun (true story).

Into indoor swimming pools? Try this amazing hydrofloor from Belgium. See to believe.

For those in social work, I recommending reading the history of Father Damien of Molokai.

If you just want to charge your cell phone but don’t want it to sync to other people’s PCs, try this.

Things we see around remind me of Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expect a different result.”

My ideal garden office! The Archipod –

Crossing the marker of each day, when we retire to bed, we can say, “wow, what a journey!”

Even toys can run on bio-fuel now. the “ene Cargo” RC car.

Why do bad things happen to good people? An inspiring lesson from David Ring (with celebral palsy).

Coolest stop motion film made, with a simple digital stills camera.–Video–Gear.html

Taiwan and Japan have “no smoking on the move”. I think it is time we have that too.

Angels walk among us to show us the human dignity and spirit. I can only feel ashamed of how small I am.

Why light can make migraine feel worse, according to some recent research.

Just read about the Shelterbox, a tent and supplies in a box, for disaster relief.

Remember 1984? Remember the first Mac? Here’s a photo to refresh your memory with a smile!

Treasure what food you put into your body and how your food is produced? Watch “Food, Inc.”, a Robert Kenner film.

Now this little girl types at 119 wpm. We might need to go back for typing class.

What creativity can do for photography.

Forklift Challenge toys –

US$70,000 Stargate Atlantis home theater room by a fan –

X-ray videos of humans talking –

Toshiba “space chair” video is fantastic work!

Japan Self-Defense Force sunglasses. Cool stuff.

An emotional moment for many, during PM Rudd’s speech.

Remember our loved ones, keep them close to our hearts, despite our challenges. We may never know the mystery of life and passing on.

If you must work anywhere regardless of cost.

Giant art installation of “circles”. See to appreciate.

Interesting Swedish music site with lots of interesting unique songs.

Interesting watchphone by Kempler & Strausse –

Ancient saying “enormous wealth is from providence; modest wealth is from prudence.”

Watch Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”. Superb acting from Herr Christoph Waltz.

“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.” – Erasmus, scholar & translator.

Life is not just about the money. See this Petronas ad. Love it.

Hilarious Russian video from an office, ala “transformers”.

For those who tend to freeze in aircon offices, try the Slanket.

In life, one has to know if he wants to pursue his passion (and may receive the rewards), or just chase after money (the most elusive).

“If you save the life of one man, it is as if you have saved the entire world.” – Jewish proverb

Sugihara once quoted a samurai saying, “even a hunter cannot kill a bird which flies to him for refuge.”

If you have only 1 week to live, what would you do? Watch “One Week”, a beautiful film set in Canada. Life is so much more…

To the young ones: No matter how insurmountable the obstacles, never give up. I’ve been there – fell many times, stood up and raced again.

Cold brew coffee with much less acidity.

Handpresso anyone? Love the French ingenuity.

The PEN Story from Olympus. Fantastic idea!

Hmmm… these libraries sure make what we know look…. plain.

It is really sad for people to suffer the consequences of a war long gone. War… is never good nor necessary.

Samurai ethic: A battle is to be won by swords and pikes, not by rice and salt. Bottomline? Fight fair like gentlemen.

Gunnar i-AMP lens. Sounds interesting for those of us working long hours on computers.

A peer said that his diary entries are less frequent because there is less “youthful anguish”. How true for most of us!

Taiwan’s World Games Stadium is 100% solar powered!

The price of youth is ignorance; the prize of youth is time.

Life is like water – transient. Water has 3 states, and you can’t keep water frozen.

Some might find it hard to accept, that every day is a gift and tomorrow may never come.

Miracles can happen, only that often, we were looking at the same places. And sometimes, they start small.

In a PR crisis, speak truthfully, take responsibility, and accept consequences. Before that, have a crisis management program in place.